Listen! This is my story.

The analysis of my blogging journey.

To be sincere, I have a passion for writing. I also like reading, I am a voracious reader. No material passes me without me taking a glance at it. I write a lot too. I must write daily to make my money grow on Medium blogging platform. Consistency is the key.

I opened my first self hosted blog three years ago. I didn't continue that one. I lost interest in it. That's a story for another day. I opened another one, after some weeks, I got adsensse approval. That day was like a Christmas day for me, I was so happy. I didn't know much about blogging then. I thought when you get approved, money will start rolling in, lol. I only managed to get few cents after so many weeks.

I didn't have the knowledge of SEO. Blogging is not only churning out posts daily and be expecting thousands of readers to go through them, you have to work for the traffic- - SEO. Millions of posts are rolled out everyday by bloggers all over the world. They all compete for 1st page, 2nd page, 3rd page, etc, of Search Engine Result Page (SERP). If your post is not well optimised , it will be thrown into the gutter of oblivion. Apart from optimization, you have to build backlinks.

Backlinks simply means connections from other sites. There are dofollow and non-follow backlinks. Well, that's not the essence of this post. Check Google for SEO details.

I spent a lot for hosting, still I didn't realise anything. No return on investment. I was frustrated like many bloggers. I had to stop it. I can't pay money again to renew domain and hosting when they expire. In fact, then I was on monthly hosting plan. I spent money every month. I can't continue any business that I'm not getting return on investment after few months. Such business will be a waste of time and money, especially when someone is on budget.

Few days ago, that was last week of March 2020, I was searching for where to write online and make money, I stumbled on Medium blogging platform. I did further research and garnered some knowledge about it. Medium blogging platform has a nice interface and features. It's built in such a way that even a novice in a blogging world can publish posts. I registered and started publishing my posts. It's very easy to understand.

I headed immediately to Google playstore, I checked the mobile app. It's also nice. It loads faster. In fact, they put everything into consideration when building the app. I downloaded it. I started publishing posts through the app. It has not been easy though. I have looked for ways to get followers, I have researched it, I have implemented some suggestions. Well, I thank God for everything I have done so far. I'm not up to a week on Medium blogging platform. I have few followers now. I have made some friends who are Medium users through our facebook group. Some of them have started following me.

Yesterday, I checked my earning, wa o, some cents have been deposited. It was from reading and clapping from one paid member. He even commented which I replied (responded). I was so happy. It may not be commensurate with my efforts so far, but It shows that my efforts are not in vain. It's growing. I asked myself, what if I have hundreds or thousands of followers? When you have a good number of followers, that will be visiting your post(s), it means much reading time, clapping and comments which have direct impact on earnings.

I will continue looking for followers by implementing all the things I know about getting followers. My earnings will continue to increase. I believe that henceforth, it will be adding everyday. That's my prayer. My hardwork will surely pay.



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